Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of online shop
General information

The following document states terms of policy in the online shop (further as “Online Shop”). The admin of the shop is Joanna Tworzydło leading the enterprise under the company name Joanna Tworzydło, inscribed to the Central Registration and Information on Business lead by the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Poland, registered under the address 44 Myśliborska St. flat number 130, postal code 03-185 Warszawa, NIP: 5372346803, REGON 141199771.
Personal Data

  1. Admin collects information given voluntarily by the Customers of the Online Shop. Moreover the Admin can save information about the connection parameters like IP addresses for technical reasons, due to servers management and for collecting the general, statistic demographic data (e.g. the region, the connection comes from), and for the safety reasons as well.
  2. Personal data collected by the Admin are being processed according to the act from 29th August 1997 about the personal data protection (Dziennik Ustaw 1997 no. 133 pos. 883 with later change) and the act from 18th July 2002 on provision of online services (Dziennik Ustaw 2002 no. 144 pos. 1204 with later change) only on the basis of authorization of data processing and only in order of purchasing the order made by the Customer, filing or the services provided online by the Admin or other reasons stated by the regulations.
  3. Admin provides special care in order to protect the personal data and information on the Customers of the Online Shop. Admin with the appropriate care chooses and applies proper technical tools, including those of programming and organizational character, providing protection of processed data, particularly protects data against sharing with unauthorized people, disclosure, loss and destruction, unauthorized modification, and its processing with violation of the existing laws.
  4. Due to voluntary character of giving the personal data by the Customer they have the right of access to their data, correcting it and they can contact the Admin with demand of deleting previously given personal data from the list conducted by the Admin with respect to the next sentence. Admin can refuse deleting the data if the Customer with their behaviour in the Online Shop violated the regulations of the following document, policy or law and preserving the data is necessary for explaining these circumstances and establish Customer’s liability.
  5. In case of change of personal data of the Customer that registered to the Online Shop, the Customer can modify them after logging in to the Online Shop.
  6. In case of newsletter subscription by the Customer, Admin will be sending to the e-mail address given by the Customer e-mails containing information on products and services available in the Online Shop as well as information about promotions and contest organized.
  7. Admin can cede Customer’s personal data processing to the third person offering some services, and mainly realization of order delivery, realization of the payment, research on Customer satisfaction on the Online Shop, that is:
    1. DPD sp. z.o.o. registered in Warsaw (ul. Mineralna 15, 02-274 Warszawa) as data admin subscribed in Business Registration lead by National Court Register, under the no. 0000028368, with capital of 228.604.000,00 PLN, with NIP:526-02-04-110, being the company offering postal services according to the law from 29th December 2012 as postal law (Dz. U. 2012.1529). Personal data processing concerns those necessary for order realization, and mainly: name, surname and address.
    2. Online payment system operator Dreamcommerce S.A. registered in Kraków, Bociana 22, 31-231 Kraków as data admin registered to Business Registration by District Court Kraków – Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial Court of National Court Register, under the no. 0000395171, with capital of 2 811 500 PLN, fully paid, with NIP 9452156998, NIP 121495203, being the company offering payment services according to the law from 19th August 2011 on payment services (Dz. U. 2011.199.1175 with change). Personal data processing concerns those necessary for payment realization by Dreamcommerce S.A., mainly: name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number.



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